What are Womens Thoughts on Penis Size

The big question that every man wonders is, what do women really think about penis size? When confronted, a woman will most always say that she is happy with your penis the size that it is, and it is how you use it, not the size. This is true and not true at the same time. While women do care about how well you handle her body and are able to bring her to climax, they also can’t help but enjoy a larger penis.

The vagina is filled with nerves and can be stimulated in many ways. When a man has a larger penis the sensation for a woman overall is just better. The sensation of being filled up is satisfying in itself, not to mention all of the buttons you are pushing within the walls of the vagina. Knowing this, you will then understand why a longer, thicker penis is something that a woman would like in her man.

In addition to wanting a man with a larger penis, there are some other things women want from their men when it comes to sex. Women also want men that are able to last during intercourse. In general it takes a woman longer to climax than a man. Incorporating foreplay is a great way to help her get closer before actual penetration. Women also want a man that understands how her anatomy works. Women can climax via the clitoris (most times not during actual penetration, but if stimulated before and during intercourse) and also via the G Spot. Having a larger penis helps you out if you are trying to get your partner to climax this way. Different positions can be used as well to directly stimulate this walnut sized bundle of nerves. If you ever wondered how to get a woman to ejaculate (also known as squirting) this is the zone you want to focus on.

What women want sexually out of their man is pretty simple. Women enjoy men with larger penises and that they also like men who can last in the bedroom. If you feel you are lacking in either of these areas you can always seek out supplements or devices to help you add to your penis and performance in the bedroom.