The Role of the Penis Width

The idea that most men have pertaining to penis enlargement is to increase the length of their penis. Women on the other hand think differently, they consider the girth to be more important than length.

Most women receive more pleasure during sexual intercourse when their vagina feels full. This happens when the walls of the vagina are spread apart. A penis that has a wide circumference is capable of doing this. Most will actually complain during sex when a man’s penis is too long. As the penis pushes against the cervix and creates an uncomfortable feeling.

If you interested in penis enlargement keep these facts in mind, a woman will prefer a penis with more girth than length. There are many products on the market these days that offer great results. These include penis weights, patches, pills and extenders.

Most men believe that bigger is always better which. The question that should be asked is whether a larger penis will provide your significant other with more pleasure.

Many women are not interested in the size of a man’s penis. They would much prefer to find someone who displays good manly qualities. His sexual prowess is rated secondary. Where the problem comes in, most men get a boost of self-confidence when they know they have a large penis.

A man who has a strong self-confidence will perform much better in bed. This should not be the only factor; his skills will play an equally important role when a woman judges his performance. These are far more important than size.

Before deciding on penis enlargement its best to communicate with your partner this way you will know what she cares more about whether its length or girth maybe she prefers a combination of both.

By communicating with your partner before committing to a specific improvement area, you will ensure that both of you are satisfied in the long run. Studies have shown that a man who has a wider penis can easily stimulate a woman’s G-spot when compared to one that has a longer penis.