Appearance of Escherichia Coli no Spinach Collected from Some Local Markets in Zaria City: Public Health Consequences

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Karaye, G.P karaye, K. K. Iliyasu, D


The study was designed to determine the presence of E. coli 0157:H7 no spinach sold in five randomly selected markets in Zaria Local Government of Kaduna State, Nigeria. A total of 250 samples of spinach were collected from the selected markets in the study area. Fifty (50) samples were collected from Sabon Gari, Palladan, Samaru, Hayin Dogo and PZ that constitute the study area. Isolates were screened using the conventional biochemical characterization for E. coli O157: H7. Twelve (12) gram of Spinach from each markets were washed with sterile distilled water separately. Five (5) mls of each washing was inoculated into 5 mls of double strength MacConkey broth and inoculated for 24 hours at 370C. A loop full of each positive result (lactose fermenters was sub cultured on EMB Agar and incubated for 24 h at 37 0C. positive results indicate (lactose fermenters) which produced a greenish metallic sheen of the surrounding medium. Lactose fermenters were picked and sub cultured on nutrient Agar slant and incubated for 24 h at 37 0C. These were stored in nutrient Agar slant at 4 0C until it was required for biochemical test. E. coli was confirmed by biochemical test and there growth on EMB Agar. Out of the 250 samples collected, Isolates screened using the conventional biochemical and growth on EMB Agar were 119 (47.6%) E. coli O157: H7 and 16 (6.4%) E. coli O157 respectively. Therefore, there is need for further research work to characterize the E. coli found on spinach in local markets around Zaria local government to defeat the spread of E. coli 0157:H7 infection among livestock and human for public health interest.

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