Contests of intestinal parasites and haemoparasite in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus): signal to some haematological parameters for optimum production along Lake Chad basin area of Nigeria

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Abdullahi MA Iliyasu D Muhammed AY


This study was designed to determine the prevalence of haemoparasite and gastro parasitic infection on apparently healthy African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) vended at custom market and Alau dam in Maiduguri metropolitan council between April and July, 2009. The fish sampled comprised of 32 males and 28 females. Haematological and coprological examinations revealed haemoparasite and gastrointestinal parasites respectively. Designated values of the haematological parameters were within the physiological range. Evaluation of haemoparasite revealed the highest prevalence in male and female catfish with 14(43.8 %) and 12 (42.5) of trypanosome respectively. Parasitic infection shows impact on male and female catfish body length (cm) and body weight (g) 12(37.5), 11(39.3) (cm) and 16(50.0), 9(32.1) (g) respectively. The least prevalence 3(9.4) were determine in Babesiosoma in male catfish while the least prevalence 5(17.9) in the female catfish were Haemogregarina and Babesiosoma. Gastrointestinal parasites of cestode, nematode and trematode were isolated from different organ locations with high prevalence 15(46.9) and 9(32.1) of nematode and cestode in male catfish and female catfish respectively. In conclusion, Clarias gariepinus sold at Custom and Lake Alau are distressed with several parasitic infection that are threat to supply of wholesome fish to the consumers as well as obstacle to obtain optimum African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) production.

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