Report of Superficial and Deep Vein thrombosis following Influenza Vaccination in Lower and Upper Extremities

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Seyed Mohammad Hosseininejad Ali Mirabi Mir Saeid Ramezani Amir Shamshirian Samira Hosseini Seyed Hossein Montazer


Influenza is a contagious respiratory tract infection, which is most commonly mild and self-limited. Receiving the influenza vaccine can decreases the incidence of influenza and the risk of influenza-related complications. However, the influenza vaccine is safe, serious complications may develop in rare cases. There is not any distinct study witch represent deep vein thrombosis as a complication of influenza vaccine. We would like to report on a case of VTE following influenza vaccination in a 35-year-old male presented with edema, tenderness and erythema of left and right lower extremities and left upper extremity and subjective feeling of fever or chills.

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