Influence of chemical reaction on MHD boundary layer flow of a micropolar fluid over a wedge with Hall and Ion-slip MHD boundary layer flow of a micropolar fluid over a wedge

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Khilap Singh Manoj Kumar


In the present paper, a numerical model is developed to examine the effect of chemical reaction on heat and mass transfer flow of a magneto-micropolar fluid via a non-conducting wedge with Hall and Ion-slip currents. The governing system of PDE’s converted into similarity equations in ODE’s by utilizing the similarity transformations. The resulting equations thus obtained have been solved by adaptive Runge-Kutta method along with the shooting method. The effects of different physical parameters on velocity, microrotation, temperature and concentration distributions have been illustrated graphically. Also, the results for the skin-friction coefficient, the heat and mass transfer rates at the surface are tabulated for various values of fluid properties and the flow conditions. Numerical results show that mass transfer rate increase with the Schmidt number and chemical reaction parameter. 


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