Minituber Yield Potentials of Potato Varieties of Bangladesh

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S. R. Mallick M. A. Hossain M. M. Rahman R. Sarker S. A. Jui


An investigation was carried out to study the effects of in vitro plantlets of 12 potato varieties efficiency on minituber production. Results showed that varieties have significant differences in their growth traits (Mortality percentage of plantlets, plant height, number of minituber per plant, weights of minituber per plant, yield of minituber, grades of minituber by number and grades of minituber by weights). The mortality rate was lowest in BARI Alu 53 (9.33%). The maximum plant height and leaf area were found in BARI Alu 53 (81.27cm) and BARI Alu 28 (1250.67 cm2), respectively. The highest number of minitubers per plant 35 and weight 204.26 g and the maximum yield of minituber were obtained from BARI Alu 40 (10.21 kg m-2). The minimum percentage of non-seed grade minituber by number and weight was found from the variety BARI Alu 8 (Cardinal) (6.27%) and BARI Alu 37 (3.26%), respectively. Among the six grades of minitubers by number and weight the maximum percentage of seed minitubers for breeder seed production was obtained from BARI Alu 8 (Cardinal) (93.73%) and BARI Alu 37 (96.74%), respectively.

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