A Preliminary Study of User Interface Design for Shopping Mobile Web Application Gender-based using Eye-Tracking Technology

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Lau King Lieng, Aslina Baharum


Over the last decades, the use of mobile phone has brought a great convenience and contributions to society in daily life. Online shopping takes a large portion of users' online activities. Due to this, the availability and the adequate assessment of this situation is becoming increasingly requires. Eye-tracking technology has been claimed that the use of the technology can be easy to study on how users interact with the visual elements within the mobile applica-tions. Currently, mobile app developers are facing the issues of limited guidelines for a proper mobile app user interface design. Moreover, the bad interaction between a user and interface design could lead to failure of the mo-bile app development. Besides, different users’ expectation in online shopping could be affected by gender, genera-tion or shopping behavior. Thus, further study is needed to solve these problems. The aim of this research is to explore the Eye-tracking technology and the analysis method used for user interface design of shopping mobile web app, meanwhile, to explore the standard interface design for a shopping mobile web app. This paper will pre-sent the preliminary analysis result of Eye-tracking data on existing designed guideline and the discussion of the future works.

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